Benefits of Responsive web design

Benefits of Responsive web design

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Responsive web design is crucial for businesses today. Here are the top benefits responsive web design can offer you.

5 Reasons Why Responsive Design is a Must for your Website

With the increase in the use of various kinds of mobile devices, there has been an increase in the need for Responsive Web Design – website design that has the ability of adapting to size of the viewport used by the visitor. The aim of responsive design is to facilitate proper rendering of content on different screen or device sizes in order to allow an optimal experience for visitors irrespective of their mode of accessing a website. The first and foremost advantage of responsive design is it enables websites to load fast without any distortions, ruling out the need for users to resize anything manually to view content.

However, responsive web design has way more advantages than this. It draws more visitors, improves SEO, boosts conversions and more. Moreover, responsive design benefits not just users, but developers, designers, and businesses too. So, when you are determining which web design trends you will adopt this year, make sure you include responsive design.

Let’s look at the top benefits responsive web design can offer you.

  • Higher Mobile Traffic
  • As per a SimilarWeb report, over half of the traffic to the top websites in U.S., in the year 2015, came through mobile devices. So, it’s crucial for businesses to have sites rendering properly on screens of smaller sizes so that visitors don’t come across distorted images or a sub-optimal website layout.

  • Faster Loading of Web Pages
  • Mobile users generally have shorter attention spans. According to studies, mobile users tend to leave web pages taking more than 3 seconds for loading completely. In case a website is not optimized for tablets and smartphones, navigation will also consume more time, which can frustrate the user making them leave the site and never return again.

    Using modern performance techniques in your responsive website, like responsive image display and caching, you can improve the loading speed of your web page.

  • Reduced Bounce Rates
  • An optimized and responsive mobile website offers a good user experience to visitors. This increases their likelihood of sticking around in the site for longer and exploring various areas of the site. Contrastingly, if a website is not responsive, keeping visitors engaged is quite difficult and there’s a higher likelihood of their bouncing from the site.

  • Improved SEO
  • Responsive design is just as valuable for search engine optimization (SEO) as quality content. Better bounce rates and stronger backlinks lead to higher search rankings. Nevertheless, mobile optimized websites have an extra SEO advantage besides this. This is, from April 21, 2015, mobile-friendliness has been made an important ranking signal by Google Search.

    It’s always better to have a single responsive site instead of separate mobile and desktop versions. This is because it eliminates duplicate content issue that can impact the site ranking negatively.

  • Greater Conversion Rates
  • Apart from reducing your bounce rates, having a user experience that’s consistent across different devices is important for converting new customers. When deciding whether they should subscribe to a given service or not, users don’t like being redirected to websites that are device-specific since the process often consumes more time. A single, safe and secure website, which looks appealing and professional on every platform, encourages users more to convert.

Considering these big benefits of responsive web design, make sure your business website has a responsive design, if it doesn’t already. Going responsive can bring you much more traffic, customer engagement, and conversions.

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