E-commerce conversion tips

E-commerce conversion tips

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If you are the owner of an e-store and want to get more sales, here are some smart tips to increase your e-commerce conversion rates.

5 Incredible Tips to Boost your E-commerce Conversion Rates

Setting up an e-commerce business and building an e-store are indeed challenging. But having your e-commerce site up and running doesn’t mean massive sales. To get sales through your e-store, you need to take certain steps for increasing your e-commerce site’s conversion rates.

If you are the owner of an e-store and want to get more sales, here are some smart tips to increase your e-commerce conversion rates:

  • Create Smaller Conversions
  • In general, a major section of consumers visiting your e-store are not yet ready to make a purchase from you. Convincing someone to make a purchase and building up that trust takes some time.

    However, instead of saying goodbye to those that don’t buy anything, create smaller conversions, such as an email subscription. With this strategy, even if there is no immediate sale, you would receive a potential customer’s email address. This would allow you to connect with them and make the big conversion later.

  • Remove the Risk
  • Most consumers are skeptical when it comes to buying anything from a business about which they have not heard before. A good way of making consumers buy in such cases is removing the risks involved. Anticipate why someone may hesitate purchasing any of your products. For example, if you own a fashion e-store, your prospective customers may be concerned about these risks:

    • Clothes not fitting well
    • Clothes not looking good when they try it on
    • Wasting money on delivery

    To make your visitors buy, remove these risks outright. Hugo Boss does this quite well, right at their website’s top portion.

    Image courtesy: bitcatcha.com

    They tell their potential customers right away that items can be returned for free and they even offer complementary alterations.

    This lets them remove some of the risks. You may also design facilities that eliminate the risks and make customers feel confident enough to buy.

  • Create Social Proof
  • Social proof is another effective means of removing the cautious barriers and fetching extra conversions. You need to show your prospective customers that your products are being used by real people.

    Customers prefer to buy products that they know are trusted by others.

    You can take an idea on this from Asos, which has applied this strategy with the feature of #AsSeenOnMe. Their customers upload photos showing them wearing clothes of Asos.

    Image courtesy: bitcatcha.com

  • Set Up One-Click-Buying Facility
  • Studies show that around 68% shopping carts in e-commerce stores are abandoned before checkout. One reason behind this is that the checkout process is complicated. Customers get distracted, frustrated or bored. So, it’s important to simplify the process of payment and checkout.

    For already logged in customers, have a one-click-buying facility.

    Amazon has applied the one-click-buying technique quite well.

    Image courtesy: bitcatcha.com

  • Have ‘Buy-As-Guest’ Option
  • Being asked for huge amounts of information is another reason behind shopping cart abandonment by customers. Your goal is getting the maximum number of conversions. For this, you need to make the process of buying easy.

    Offer your customers an easy way to make the payment, and move on. If you ask for more and more information, the likelihood of losing the sale will increase.

    Have a system for buying as a guest, like that created by Apple.

    Image courtesy: bitcatcha.com

    Wrap Up
    These are some of the tried and tested ways to increase e-commerce conversion rates. Give them a try and see for yourself the substantial boost in your e-commerce site’s conversions.

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